At MELT BEAR INC. (hereinafter referred to as our company), we understand that it is our social responsibility to be aware of the importance of personal information provided by our customers and that we have to ensure the full protection in the management of that information. We therefore define our privacy policy as follows:
Concerning the use of personal information
When dealing with our customers’ personal information, we limit its use within the scope of purposes we explain in advance. In case we have to use our customers’ personal information beyond the scope of the previously stated purposes, all concerned parties will be notified before application.
Concerning the management of personal information
The management of personal information provided by our customers is done under strict rules. We perform all appropriate security measures such as blocking unauthorized access, avoiding loss or destruction, leakage and falsification and in the event of any emergency situation, we intervene promptly with the needed corrective action.
Concerning the disclosure of personal information to third parties
We never disclose our customers’ personal information to any third party without their prior approval of it unless in a legitimate position, such as a legal request.
We also bind a confidentiality agreement as well as manage the use of customers’ personal information when providing it to subcontractors.
We also promptly respond to a reasonable extent in answering customers’ requests for deletion, correction, inquiry of personal information, after we’ve verified the genuinity of the information provided.
Concerning custom laws and compliance
We handle all our customers’ personal information in compliance with the Judiciary Code and related laws and regulations regarding personal information and other personal information protection law.
Concerning the continuous improvement of personal information protection measures
We are active and will continue to provide continuous improvements in the protection of personal information.
Concerning the handling of personal information
Please send your inquiries about our handling of your personal information or to submit any deletion or correction request etc.. 
Concerning notification about changes in the Privacy Policy
In order to better protect our customers’ personal information, or, due to the changes and enactment of laws and regulations we might change the present “Privacy Policy” without prior notice. For any verification, Please refer to the current Privacy Policy whenever visiting our site.
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